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Lockwood Storage Solutions

About Us

Lockwood Storage Solutions is our family owned business built on great service and quality products since 1996. We originally specialized in storage sheds, but in 2001, Lockwood Storage Solutions- our business- decided to give our customers what they really want: large storage unitsOcean Shipping Container placed at the customer's own location.

More than 13 years later, the container business continues to grow and thrive, providing livelihoods for us, several of our children and other employees.

Here at Lockwood Storage Solutions, we focus on 'going the extra mile' for our customers. We deliver to locations in Idaho and much of Montana; we set the containers down according to the customer's preference. Some companies just dump them at the property line and leave the buyer to figure out how to move the container to it's proper location. We'd never do that to you!

We proudly do right by our customers. Always have, always will.

Whether you buy or rent, it's worth a visit to our Lockwood Storage Solutions lot conveniently located on Highway 93 in Lolo Montana. Come walk the lot and inspect our inventory. Or give us a call at 406.239.7204 and tell us what you need. We're here to help.


Gary & Crystal Lockwood